The sunglasses that think.

Never blinded outdoors again.
Never too dark indoors again.

optray sunglasses adapt themselves to changing light conditions. Developed from auto-darkening welding lens technology, Shadetronic sunglasses react in a fraction of a second and continuously adjust their tinting to actual sunlight brightness.

LCD technology darkening faster
than the blink of an eye.

reacts in less than



no battery
no switch
no delay

more fun
more safety
more comfort

optray neon sunglasses

Automatic shading sunglasses with ShadeTronic® technology in black and green.

CHF 249.00

optray onyx sunglasses

Automatically shading sunglasses with ShadeTronic® technology in elegant black.

CHF 249.00

Energy self-sufficient

The solar cell works as an energy source and changes the sunlight into electrical energy, which powers the sunglasses.


Liquid crystal display

Liquid crystals continuously react to the electrical voltage generated by the lens’ solar cells. The LCD responds lightning-fast and continuously for the perfect level of light transmission.

Stepless tinting

These intelligent sunglasses adapt to changing light conditions immediately, on an infinite scale between DIN shade 2 and
shade 4.

Infinite Tinting

The polarised lenses provide 100% UV protection, true color and razor sharp view.

Three filter categories in one single pair of sunglasses

Certification standards

Every optray pair of sunglasses is CE certified, which hows the compliance with the EU norm 89/686/EEC in connection with the norm EN 1836. All optray sunglasses are compliant with the US standard ANSI Z80.3 for prescription free and fashion glasses.

optrel – more than 30 years of experience in glare protection technologies

optrel is the inventor of the auto-darkening filter for welding helmets and has been a leader in this field of application for over 30 years. Millions of welders all around the world trust in optrel products everyday.